Enrichment of calendar data

From keeping an eye on the weather for your appointments to streamlining travel time between events and even gaining insights into attendees' professional profiles, MeetingDigest is here to transform the way you organize and execute your meetings. Explore these new capabilities and elevate your meeting efficiency with MeetingDigest.

Weather Integration for Appointments

Stay ahead of the game by seeing weather updates to your scheduled appointments. Seamlessly plan for outdoor or client-facing meetings with real-time weather information integrated directly into your daily meeting digest.

Routing Time Calculation between Events

Optimize your day by accurately calculating travel time between appointments. With our routing time feature, effortlessly plan your schedule to ensure smooth transitions between locations, making every minute count and no meetings are overlapping.

Attendee Profiling - LinkedIn Integration

Get a comprehensive view of your meeting attendees. Our integration with LinkedIn lets you access profiles directly from your daily meeting digest, helping you understand the professional background and interests of the participants.

Discover a more efficient and insightful way to manage your meetings. With these new enrichment features, MeetingDigest aims to provide you with a comprehensive toolset for smarter, more productive meetings.

Join MeetingDigest today and revolutionize the way you plan and execute your meetings.

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