Optimize Your Meeting Attendance with Pre-Meeting Email Notifications!

Boost attendance effortlessly with timely email notifications for every external meeting, including time, location, and direct links for virtual meetings.

Plus, get enriched participant info, including LinkedIn profiles, to ensure everyone's well-prepared.

No more last-minute browser tab frenzy!

* This feature is only available for YOUR calendars, where you're the owner. All events for the given calendar, where you're the organizer, will use this exiting feature!

pre meeting reminder email example

Timely email notifications

Push timely email notifications for every external meeting on your calendar to reduce no shows. These aren't just any reminders; they're packed with all the essential details you need:

  • the meeting time and location
  • direct links for virtual meetings

Say goodbye to "I didn't see it in my Calendar" excuses!

people in a meeting

Enriched participant information

We try to enrich all participants with their LinkedIn information, if they have a profile. We will show their profile photo, title and description.

If your data is not correct, we present a button to update your data. Your attendees can do the same, even though they're not users of MeetingDigest

linkedin app screenshot

Profile Pictures

Profile photos are invaluable in digital platforms, offering personalization, recognition, and humanization. They establish identity, aid in recognition, and humanize interactions, fostering trust and connection among users.

Additionally, they enhance branding efforts, aid in visual navigation, and contribute to higher user engagement.

Overall, profile photos play a crucial role in enriching user experiences, fostering connections, and creating a more vibrant and inclusive online environment.

linkedin top of profile


We facilitate easy networking and connection with participants by providing their LinkedIn profiles along with direct links, streamlining the process of reaching out and building professional relationships.

people networking

How do I enable this feature ?

When onboarding, this feature will be enabled by default. But you can always toggle the feature, by editing a calendar in the Calendars view.

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